How we see it

*A software product is any piece of software that is market-facing. In other words—software that’s used for/by a client’s customers. This means software products have the ability to make our customers money, help them outpace competition, or even cause them great pain when they don’t work correctly. 

We are at our best when

You want to convert a service to software.

Our work with leading professional services firms has made us experts in the art of productizing the invisible. If your business depends on intangible products like carefully studied insights or comprehensive analyses, we’ll create software that increases value for your customers and drives growth for your business.

You have a mission critical project.

Our business acumen and our software chops make us essential partners for important initiatives. Geneca designs an outcome to fit your need or fix a derailed project, and we have a process to avoid the non-technical barriers to success.

You need a new perspective.

You’ve optimized every inch. You’ve increased productivity and eliminated inefficiencies. But your organization is discovering that rag is wrung out. Geneca will work with you to discover and create revenue streams from current products and untapped areas of your organization.

What it’s like to work with Geneca

We’re naturally curious.

At Geneca, we get to know your problem and your needs so we can deliver the right outcome. We learn all we can about your situation so we can recognize opportunities and create growth.

We’re not an answer in search of a problem.

Genecians are technology agnostic. We’re interested in solving your problem, not the problem we solved for someone else the day before.

We’re big picture thinkers.

A great piece of software isn’t necessarily a great business solution. We know how to tell the two apart, and more importantly, how to make them work together.

We’re committed to delivering value.

Flagship products that we create deliver double digit growth. Simply put, we make a big impact on your business.


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Whether you’re imagining your new product or you’ve got one to fix, whether you’re a first-timer or an old-pro, we’ll meet you where you are and help navigate the way forward.

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