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Getting Back to the Basics: Requirements Techniques

A job interview is a common way people decide whether you are a cultural fit and satisfy the requirements of the role. In the second installment of our series in Modern Analyst, “Business Analysis – Getting Back to Basics,” Genecian BA Charlene Ceci explains how the a job interview and the business requirement interview function on the same basic principles.

Why Most Agendas Actually Ruin Meetings

Everyone is told how important agendas are for keeping meetings on point and on track. So why are so many meetings a waste of time? In Geneca CEO Joel Basgall’s most recent article in Entrepreneur, he explains why agendas may be causing more problems than they are solving.

What Your High School Basketball Coach Can Teach You about Teamwork

Success rarely depends on individual contributions. After all, the other teams had terrific players and, for the most part, were bigger and more athletic than your team. Lesson learned? If a team is going to be a winner, players need to trust one another and learn how to work together. They aren’t just on a team. They have to be a team.

Getting Back to Basics: Asking the Right Questions

When developing a solution, there are constant decisions that need to be made for the team to accomplish the goals of the project. In the first installment of our new Modern Analyst series, Genecian Cathy Brunsting explains how understanding the basics behind a project help the team make better choices when building the solution.

Truly Inspirational Leaders Can Dodge Raindrops

There are times when your employees need to believe that the seemingly impossible can happen. In those moments, you need to be an inspirational leader. In this Entrepreneur article Geneca CEO Joel Basgall gives real life examples to illustrate one of the most important aspects of leadership.

Are We Being Innovative Yet?

Your customer wants to do business with you through applications. As a result, software is now playing a much bigger role in how you grow, engage and retain your customer base. To support this growing need for software, the IT team needs to be more innovative. Genecians Kenton Bohn and Ryan McClish discuss how to build a workplace culture that empowers employees to try on new ways of thinking in their latest StickyMinds article.

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