Finding and hiring great people for careers at Geneca is half the battle. Just as important is creating a culture that frees talented people to repeatedly outdo themselves.

From our Product Analysts to our Product Developers and all other roles it takes to get things done, our clients love Genecians because we’re big thinkers with business savvy.

How do Genecians stand out from the crowd?

Genecians set the course.

Genecians take a personal ownership in every project they work on. Always looking for a path forward and consciously seek ways to empower others.

Genecians are courageous.

Genecians are confident in the face of any challenge and unafraid of ambiguity or uncharted territory. Their internal compass points toward the right solution, which they’re relentlessly driving toward.

Genecians build tomorrow.

Inspiration is nothing without the drive to innovate, create and deliver new technologies. Genecians know how to build the tech to bring an idea to life. Not just dreaming it, building it.

Genecians celebrate the spark.

Genecians prize the innate creativity and inspiration in each other. Inventive people who love to dream with our clients and champion new ideas.

Genecians are unstoppable.

A culture of doers. Resilient and resourceful doers. Creating an atmosphere where great things can happen. If something gets in the way, Genecians figure out how to get rid of or around it in a hurry.


Meet some Genecians.


Careers at Geneca

.NET Architect

Protractor not included

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.NET Developer

Geneca hires fun, enthusiastic developers

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Business Analyst

Analyze this

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Transitive verb: to make easier; help bring about

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Project Manager / Business Analyst

For those who just Gantt get enough

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Lead Quality Analyst

It’s right when you say it’s right

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Client Partner

Delivering business value, 1 client at a time

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Enterprise Architect

Build it and they will come

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