Successful clients are what we’re all about!

We believe that by delivering predictably with people who are passionate about software development, producing great business outcomes, and making and honoring commitments, we can help our clients to be wildly successful and everyone will be better off for the experience of working together as a team.

Check out some of the ways we’ve helped our clients and let us know how we can help you.

The Need for Better Decision Making Capabilities Drives Innovation at Leading Financial Leasing Company

Geneca assisted this client in defining and creating an innovative data analysis solution to better assist their customers. Read More.

Making the Business More Accountable for Requirements: How One Company Met the Challenge

After attending a Getting Predictable workshop, this CIO approached Geneca to help bring their portal project over the finish line. Read More.

Aligning Business and Technical Requirements: How One Company met the Challenge

When a third party vendor fell short, Geneca was brought in to help bring this Item Information system back on track. Read More.


Creating Alignment Between Roles and Accountabilities to Define Project Requirements Up Front

Getting Predictable helped this client define success for their project to improve their customers’ experience and order traceability. Read More.


Defining the Business Requirements for a System Upgrade

Geneca helped define and implement a web platform overhaul to make it easier to maintain with minimum impact to their current system. Read More.


Aligning Business and IT on Project Definition and Development

Geneca’s Getting Predictable best practices help define project requirements and schedule up-front allowing project stakeholders visibility. Read more.


Delivering a Customized Platform in 3 1/2 Months

By defining requirements in common language this company was able to react to development changes on the fly and deliver ahead of schedule. Read more.


Consolidating Multiple Software Platforms from Acquisitions

Geneca worked with this client to develop requirements, define success, and provide training for the development team. Read more.


Determining Costs and Impact of a Software Upgrade Across Different Business Units

Using the Getting Predictable Definition process, Geneca helped this client identify the needs of the business and align their requirements. Read more.


Eliminating Ordering Bottlenecks

An ordering system that could not keep up with demand caused this client to contact Geneca  to help increase their capabilities. Read more.


Determining Clear Business Requirements Before Starting Development

Build or buy? Geneca helps define requirements and success to allow this organization to move forward to better respond to RFPs. Read more.


Supporting Continued Growth and Market Expansion

Geneca helped this client support continued growth and expansion, increase their brand awareness, and better support customer needs.
Read more.


Partnership to Determine Clear Business Requirements

Getting Predictable helped this software company define a suite of new enhancements and applications for their payment processing customer. Read more.