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Many of the most forward-thinking, fastest growing companies in the U.S. choose Geneca to develop customer service, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, supply chain and mobile solutions in support of their expanding global operations. Find out why.

Custom Software Development

Is the ability to deliver a predictable software development experience a significant challenge for your organization?

Predictable software development takes much more than a knowledge of software development fundamentals. It takes a superior requirements definition process, skill in fostering alignment among project stakeholders, and a culture that believes in making and honoring commitments.

At Geneca, we’ve proven that predictable software development is achievable in a repeatable manner. We’ve worked with some of the best companies in the world (including Aon, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Classified Ventures, CNA, FTD, Mercer, Nielsen, Redbox, RR Donnelley, The University of Chicago, The U.S. Army, and Walgreens) to deliver strategic customer service, finance, sales, marketing, human resource, supply chain and mobile solutions to support expanding global operations.

If you ask our clients what it’s like working with us, you’ll hear that there are never any surprise costs, delays, or disappointing results that interfere with the success of your project. How do we do it?

We’ll show you.


Sample Release Plan

A Sample Release Plan

When was the last time you knew for sure that your custom software development project was going to succeed?

With Geneca, our client’s success is assured before we even write a single line of code. Here’s how.

We begin with the business stakeholders. They commit the time to make the difficult business decisions about the project. We make sure they see there is a step-by-step plan. They help develop it. They are delivered actual results. Quickly. They can see the progress on a day-by-day basis.

Visibility and accountability reduce rework and delays, eliminate incorrect estimates and unclear status, and make unpredictable performance and delivery a thing of the past.

This is what Predictable Software Development is all about. It’s what we do.

Project Recovery

Is your software development project off course?

Whether your project is under-performing or is behaving unpredictably, we have an effective solution to assess where your project went wrong and how to quickly get it back on course.

Predictable Project Recovery applies Getting Predictable best practices to projects that are off course and in chaos. The Predictable Project Recovery gives your team a clear vision of what the finished project will look like and a revised plan to achieve it. You’ll learn  more about the business perspective and be able to organize your project into manageable business scenarios that your team can deliver predictably. Plus, all project stakeholders will understand why accountability and success criteria must be clearly defined— before development can be considered a success.

We define and measure success in terms that make sense to diverse stakeholders. Our willingness to make and honor commitments means no surprises and no disappointing outcomes.

We’re ready to make a difference and deliver for your firm, too. Let’s talk.