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Many of the most forward-thinking, fastest growing companies in the U.S. choose Geneca to build software products that create revenue and drive customer engagement. Find out why.

Custom Software Product Development

For companies competing in the fast changing digital marketplace, delivering software products takes more than software development skills. It also involves a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, product and marketing strategy, requirements definition, and the impact a new product can have on an organization.

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Most of our clients aren’t software companies, so we’re good at helping you answer the question: “Where do I start?”

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Project Recovery

Is your software development project off course? Are you worried your current product has reached its limits but your goals have not?

Whether your project is under-performing or your product is behaving unpredictably, we have an effective solution to assess where things may have gone wrong, what is salvageable, and how to quickly get where you need to be.

Predictable Project Recovery applies Getting Predictable best practices to initiatives in chaos. The Predictable Project Recovery gives your team a clear vision of what the finished project will look like and a revised plan to achieve it.

We define and measure success in terms that make sense to both business and technical stakeholders.

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Is the ability to deliver a predictable software development experience a significant challenge for your organization?

Excellence in software product development takes much more than a knowledge of software development fundamentals. It takes a superior requirements definition process, skill in fostering alignment among project stakeholders, and a culture that designed to bring software products to market.

At Geneca, we’ve proven that predictable software development is achievable in a repeatable manner and we can help your organization get there, too.

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PNCBank We are pleased to offer project financing through a partnership with PNC Bank. Ask us for details.