Project Recovery


Your project is derailing and you’re not sure how to get it over the finish line. Functionality is missing and defects abound. There is little transparency around the problems. Some of the team is unsure of their roles and what they’re supposed to get done.

Predictable Project Recovery applies Getting PredictableSM best practices to projects that are off course and in chaos. Whether your project is under-performing or is behaving unpredictably, we have an effective solution to assess where your project went wrong and how to quickly get it back on course.

How it Works

Our approach to project recovery is not about resolving specific performance issues. Instead, we work with all project stakeholders (executive leadership, project managers, architects and senior business analysts) to zero in on what success means for your project. Next, we assess the current state of the project. By bringing transparency to the true scope of the problems, we identify why your team is under-performing, what needs to change and what is required to predictably deliver the expected business value.

What to expect:

  • An evaluation of your development organization’s requirements definition methodology. Is it consistent? Is it successful at finding out what the business needs? Or, does it end up creating obstacles?
  • Clarity and consensus on your project’s business objectives and success criteria. Is there agreement on the business problems to be solved?
  • Common metrics to track progress. Do these metrics make sense to all project stakeholders?
  • Clarity around roles and responsibilities. Does everyone on your team have 100% clarity on their roles? Are key roles accounted for?
  • A “Road Map” for the project end state. What is the current state of the project? Where are the gaps? What is the plan to bring it over the finish line?

The Client Experience

Your project is in trouble. The finish line is not in sight and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the business requirements are ambiguous. To make matters worse, your business counterparts are not in synch about what they need and no one is taking ownership of the project.

The Predictable Project Recovery gives your team a clear vision of what the finished project will look like and a plan to achieve it. You’ll learn more about the business perspective and be able to break your project into manageable business scenarios. Plus, all project stakeholders will understand why accountability and success criteria must be clearly defined — before development begins.

Going through a Predictable Project Recovery engagement gives you the opportunity to build on what’s working as well as expose obstacles to project success. In many cases, our clients come to realize that their concerns are actually simpler to address than they originally thought.

Predictable Project Recovery will change the way your organization approaches requirements as well as make future runaway projects an unlikely occurrence.