Geneca creates new ways for you to directly connect with your customers; ways that are immediate, easy to use, and facilitate better customer experiences.

We work with clients to attract and retain customers with software product development that separates them from competitors and creates new ways to grow.


Take a new software product to market.

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Repair aging or overwhelmed software.

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Save an off-the-rails project.

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Fill a market need

You’re a leader in your category, which allows you to easily spot new opportunity for a software product that better serves your customers. We build product strategies, develop software, and launch to market.

Remedy customer pain

Software connects you to your customers. When the connection breaks, it hurts. We quickly identify weak points within existing software products and develop solutions for the problem.

Drive growth

One of the best ways you can drive organic growth and create new revenue streams is connecting to your customers via software. We work with you to craft product strategies that turn your ideas and expertise into revenue-generating software products.

Outpace competitive pressures

There’s a small window of time to respond when competitors digitize their offering, developing new software products and tools. We create and evolve software to recapture market share and outpace your rivals.

Digitize existing products

Organizations everywhere are digitizing existing products and services, while others are discovering they’re sitting on an everyday tool or technique they should be selling at scale. We lead you from initial product concept to strategy, development, launch and everywhere in between.

Meet increased demand

When you receive complaints about your user experience, can no longer integrate with customer systems or simply can’t keep up with increased demand and throughput—chances are that customers have outgrown your software product. We can rebuild broken, failed or outgrown software products and strategies.

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We’ve helped hundreds of clients build thousands of products.

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We work with you through the entire
software product development lifecycle.

We’ll lead you from wherever you are in the evolution of your product strategy. Through extensive internal and external interviews, persona development and price modeling, we’ll position your product to win with your customers.
Product Definition is our “business-first” practice that drives the entirety of development. We use our meticulously crafted corporate culture, and innovative tools developed in-house. Definition addresses three very specific questions product development teams and stakeholders inevitably face:


Do I know what I’m getting?
Do I know what it will take to get it?
Do I know when I’ll have it?

We create visibility throughout development. It’s fundamental to the Geneca approach and culture. Accountability requires ownership and visibility. And visibility reduces rework and delays, making unpredictable outcomes a thing of the past.


  • Always see where you are and where you need to be at the executive level, the initiative level and the project team level.
  • Use predictive analytics to identify future challenges and enable pre-emptive adjustments.
  • Demonstrate progress and highlight the business wins along the way.

Following Product Development, we take great care to orchestrate the deployment, launch, and transition of a new product and create cost-effective approaches to maintaining it.

The objectives detailed in Product Definition inform performance metrics and KPIs for the product and its success in achieving the defined business outcomes.

Whether a product has been live for days or years, products typically enhancements to keep pace with market expectations. If you’ve got a product roadmap, we’ll make sure you keep pace with it. If you simply have ideas, market pressures and customers clamoring for more, we’ll make sense of it all and drive your product forward.

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