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Over the last 3 plus years, my closest co-workers have come to know me as someone who ALWAYS has a problem with insurance. It happens so often that they gave me my very own certificate that reads “World’s Worst Luck with Insurance”. It doesn’t matter what type of insurance it is – health, home, even life – something always goes wrong. My first encounter with an insurance mishap started out small, such as, not receiving my medical insurance cards in the mail. Unfortunately, it only got worse from there. The next thing I knew, I was spending numerous hours on the phone trying to figure out how I could be paying for dental insurance but when I tried to request my basic information, I was not found in the system. Now, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing that you are paying for a service you can’t use; this took about 4 weeks to clean up. Now, my most recent experience was dealing with home insurance. A small problem that should have been easy to correct, took about 3 months to straighten out. Let me tell you it is exhausting being this unlucky with insurance. However, I am not the only one, most millennials struggle with insurance.

Dealing with and even understanding the complex world of insurance is not easy. It is constantly changing and even the smallest detail could send your benefits out of whack -believe me I would know! Even though it can be difficult, we all know just how important insurance is and finding a company that carries quality insurance is so critical.

A common misconception about the millennial generation is that they are not interested in health benefits or don’t want to take the time to understand them, and they only care about companies that can provide a ping-pong table in the break room. What is important to notice is that 34% of the millennial generation will choose benefits as the number one thing a company can do for them. However, millennials do not have the same mindset as the other generations when it comes to what they look for in health benefits. When working with and retaining millennials, it is important to understand that a company’s benefits package could be the deciding factor to whether someone will stay or go.

As we are quickly approaching the end of the year where most companies are reviewing their health care plans, it is important to keep these three benefit options in mind when creating a plan for millennials:


Millennials are a group where one size does not fit all! We like choices, having options, and being able to pick something that will work for us. One way to offer flexibility is to have a couple of different health care options that millennials can choose from. Another option, if your plan allows for it, is to have flexible spending accounts like an HSA or FSA. This options allows millennials the opportunity to manage their finances by paying for current health expenses through the HSA or FSA on a tax-free basis, while allowing them the opportunity to save for future medical expenses.

Support Tools

When it comes to being informed and understanding everything that comes with health insurance, the millennial generation is not the strongest. They will know enough to be dangerous but not enough to feel confident in understanding what is offered to them. To help alleviate this stress for your employees, provide them with a quality online platform -and make sure they are aware of it. An online platform is perfect for a central communication center, where the employers can send out reminders, videos, flyers, and information packets. If you’re not using an online platform, check first to see if your current plan supports this; if not, this is the perfect time to request it from your insurance brokers before you renew!


Older generations had no problem going to the doctor on a regular basis, where they went to the same place and visited one doctor. Most of them built close relationships with their doctors. However, if you talk to any millennial, they probably couldn’t tell you the name of a doctor’s office let alone the name of one specific doctor. For millennials, we turn to the internet for all of our questions and will try and self-diagnose simply because going to the doctor is timely and costly. This is why the telemedicine approach is so important to have for your employees. This allows them to receive quick, easy, and accurate information from a doctor, while giving them the flexibility to see them during a time that is convenient. 60 % of millennials have already expressed that they have used this service and support this option.

As the job market continues to evolve, it is so important to have a benefits package that is competitive. The millennial generation, while diverse in age, is quickly approaching the time where they will either be kicked off their family’s plan or are thinking about starting a family of their own. Millennials are very aware of just how important a good benefits package can be, and we look for companies that will positively impact our lives as well as our families.