IS BUSINESS ANALYSIS AN ART OR SCIENCE? Genecian Business Analysts Team Up to Give Us the Answer.

Posted by Greg Kulander - 21 January, 2013

Geneca BA’s Cathy, Jeanna, Alan, Greg and Charlene have teamed up to write an introspective article on the special blend of talent and skill  required to be a highly effective BA.   Read the first installment of “Business Analysis: Art or Science” on


Business Analysis is a discipline that has earned increased recognition over the last 15 years.  As systems become more complex, companies began to see the value in investing in a role that helps bridge the gap between business owners and IT.  This unique role requires a blend of many talents -- some more tangible than others – making Business Analysis both an art and a science.   In the first installment of this 4-part series , Greg Kulander talks about how his career taught him both the art and science of the profession. 

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