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Business Need:

The client had performance and scalability issues with their biggest application being developed by a third party vendor. For small teams, it worked okay.. However, on medium to larger teams, the tool didn’t perform or scale well functionally or operationally. This caused the client to be wary about using the tool on bigger, new projects, and frustrated them when they could not add new features because of the gap on performance of existing ones.

Why Did This Need Exist

The architecture of the system was not designed with the performance and load goals in mind.

Geneca Helped its Client:

We built multiple SWAT teams to focus on the performance and load testing of the application.

We defined the performance and load goals for the application.

We setup the first automated performance and load testing, varying multiple parameters to stress different functions of the system under different conditions.

From there, we reported the findings to the client with recommendations for improvements.

The Results:

We implemented multiple improvements over the course of the next year of development to match the parameters the client outlined.

Automated performance testing created the template for future performance and load testing for other products in the client’s portfolio, affording them to proactively plan for the scale they want for their products.

Why it’s Cool

The performance and load improvements to the product allowed the client to work with clients 5x bigger than they were expecting the tool to work on previously. The client felt much happier and more confident in supporting larger projects, and also saw increased confidence in being able to create new features around the improved platform.