The Client

Worldwide management consulting firm

The Business Need

The client came to Geneca because they were having challenges with their development partner for their largest custom product.

Why Did This Need Exist?

For the product they had been developing over five years, the partner was not delivering on time, having not delivered a major release of the software in two years.

When the partner did review developed features with the product owner, they were not what the product owner had outlined. It was apparent there were a lot of communication challenges between the various parties.

Geneca Helped its Client

We stepped in and took over the project over a one month transition. We provided full product delivery (project management, business analysts, user experience, architecture, developers, and QA) for the product.

We created a new process to integrate our delivery arm with their product owner and support teams from requirements to delivery to ensure visibility and alignment of product features.

The Results

Improvements from the development process allowed for predictable delivery of 3 major releases and a half dozen minor releases over 18 months, all within budget.

Reliable requirements and delivery process reduced the amount of revisions the client had to go through before releasing the product, improving delivery time and quality.

Why it’s Cool

Quickly took over a mature product that was not being delivered effectively and worked out new processes to ensure the client was getting what they expected on time and on budget.