Joel Basgall, CEO

Joel Basgall’s dynamic career as a technology leader and software innovator spans more than two decades. With a career largely dedicated to the advancement of software development best practices, Joel uses his expertise to build predictable, results oriented software teams.

As President and CEO of Geneca, Joel’s focus is to continue to strengthen Geneca’s ability to deliver business value through custom software and reinforce the culture and practices that have made the organization’s progress possible.

Prior to Geneca, Joel worked with OfficeMax, Kraft Food Services, Household Finance International, Kemper Financial Services and Cargill Investor Services, building and managing projects that included system interfaces for trading, reporting and analyzing. Joel has worked closely with Geneca’s most strategic clients including FTD, Cision (formerly Bacons) and Mercer.

As Geneca continues to grow, Joel’s mission as CEO is to increase community feel, drive team performance and enable opportunities for personal and professional growth. His efforts have resulted in an exemplary work environment and a company of passionate and committed people.

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