Joel Basgall, CEO

CEO. Thought Leader. Software Innovator. Meta Thinker. Workplace Advocate. All Around Nice Guy.

Software has the power to take your organization into uncharted territory again
and again.

My mission is to help you understand how to push past the norms and discover major opportunities for growth and profit. Or, to borrow from “Q” of Star Trek fame, to change the gravitational constant of the universe.

I like to call it moving the moon.

I know. This sounds like a pretty big undertaking. But entirely possible with the right blend of leadership, entrepreneurism, process, workplace spirit and a steady diet of meta thinking.

Joel Basgall is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur where he coaches entrepreneurs of all levels to challenge assumptions and redefine their place in the market. He is also frequently cited in publications such as Inc., Chief Executive, CEO, and Middle Market Executive on leadership, revenue growth, software innovation, competitive differentiation and workplace culture.