s Open Position for Client Partner ⋆ Geneca

Geneca is a software product strategy and creation firm that works with ambitious leaders in companies facing significant change.

We are excited about where we’ve been and where we are going. We’re looking for a Client Partner who has similar values.


The role of a Client Partner is to ensure that Geneca teams can be successful in the work they do; ensure client satisfaction and delivery quality; promote employee satisfaction, engagement and high morale.

We are looking for a minimum of 5+yrs of current experience with the following:

  • Builds a relationship with clients that is grounded in trust
  • Responsible for client satisfaction
  • Responsible for team and employee satisfaction
  • Keeps the team’s vision and focus on engagement success criteria
  • Works closely with the team to ensure progress is being made and that risks are identified and communicated to stakeholders
  • Responsible for the quality of delivery including QA’ing deliverables following Geneca delivery oversight guidelines
  • Helps to prioritize multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities across the project(s)
  • Facilitates the celebration of team and individual successes
  • Responsible for staffing needs and changes throughout project
  • Ensures that client relationship, interactions, and deliverables are in keeping with the spirit of the SOW and that proper change control procedures are invoked when necessary
  • Continually monitors and reevaluates the quality of deliverables, process, and team performance
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of team members to improve team performance and enhance team effectiveness
  • Focuses on the future in addition to evaluating today’s projects
  • Oversee time-code request process to match SOWs to work produced to invoices issued


If you have the talent, the experience, and are passionate about making great software and delivering great business outcomes, apply now!

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