Building great products requires more than fancy designs and clean code.

Our Philosophy

Building Products

Building game-changing software products requires team alignment, adherence to commitments, and visibility into progress to refine final outcomes.


“Very few (products) die from competition, most commit suicide because they fail to make something users love.”
- Stanford Startup Course

Our Approach

How We Do It

Step One

Define what must be built to achieve the business goals.

Step Two

Predict trouble before it starts with the Interface Catalog, VWG and Joornal.

Step Three

Show business value created in regular showcases.

Step Four

Design internal and external Marketing & Communication plans.

Step Five

Evolve the processes and culture to utilize the new product.

Step Six

Deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

What We Provide

End Results for Your Business


  • Visually stunning mock-ups to sell the vision to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Scenarios to define what is needed for users to love the product.
  • Predictable software delivery to maximize revenue potential and competitive impact.
  • Executive Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and IT departments that are ready to embrace the “living and breathing” product.
  • Build trust with Executive Leadership, Marketing & Sales stakeholders by eliminating surprises.

Build Toolkit

Software Development

Discovery – Articulating and negotiating the boundaries for the product vision.

Getting Predictable Definition – Geneca’s proprietary approach to creating a shared product vision.

Architecture – Engineering approach to making the product a scalable, long-living, feature rich business investment.

Infrastructure – Create the technology environment to ensure that your business can predictably access the software product.

Code & Test – Agile approach to generating high-quality software.

Organization Readiness

Tactics & Timeline
Onboarding & Training
Culture: Mission, Values and Goals


Marketing Automation and Platform Setup – Evaluation of the best tools and technology to launch marketing materials to customers.

Collateral Creation – Create messaging guidelines and templates for use across all marketing materials and channels that generate product sales.

Our Build Toolkit in Action

Successful clients are what we’re all about.

Between DVD rental, sending flowers online or buying insurance from an exchange, our custom software products touch thousands of people every day.

Case Study

Partnership to Determine Clear Business Requirements

This client, a provider of technology services, was in the process of making alterations to software they support for their customer, a large payment processing firm.

View Case Study