Building a product that customers love rarely happens on the first try.

Our Philosophy

Product Evolution

The reasons why we built a product will not always reflect what’s happening in the wild. To make a product that users love we must stay focused on what matters, listen carefully to employees and customers, and make improvements early and often.


“The reasons you decided to build your product can’t remain static.  We must listen to our users and evolve the product to make it great.”

- Kenton Bohn

Our Approach

How We Do It

Step One

Explore customer input to improve business outcomes.

Step Two

Evaluate the product’s current technical quality, product promise and business value.

Step Three

Interpret user behavior, assess product gaps, and identify opportunities.

Step Four

Generate ideas that address gaps and opportunities. Sift and sort solutions based on investment and value.

Step Five

Work with stakeholders to update the business case and product roadmap.

Step Six

Execute the new plan.

What We Provide

End Results for Your Business


  • Application and user analytics (hot spots, bottlenecks, complaints).
  • Departmental crowdsourcing feedback dashboards (Operations, Sales, Marketing, Executive Leadership, IT).
  • Traffic, adoption, engagement and attrition analytics.
  • Updated action plans, product roadmaps and business cases.
  • Updated Interface Catalog and architecture.

Evolution Toolkit

Product Roadmap

Customer Insights

Taking a close look at customer adoption of the product usage, and evaluating where the product needs adjustments.

Product Support & Maintenance

Our Evolution Toolkit in Action

Successful clients are what we’re all about.

Between DVD rental, sending flowers online or buying insurance from an exchange, our custom software products touch thousands of people every day.

Case Study

High Order Value

This client, whose brand has become synonymous with flower delivery, had experienced larger than normal volume for their Christmas season. The increase proved too much for their systems to handle and they struggled to keep up which resulted in lost orders. In anticipation of the even greater volume increase coming in February for Valentine’s Day, they reached out to Geneca to ramp up their system architecture.

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