Value creation through software rests upon a sound business case.

Our Philosophy

Product Invention

Creating new revenue requires fresh ideas anchored by customer and business insights.


“Only well-executed objects can be beautiful. The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products used every day have an effect on people and their well-being.”
- Dieter Rams

Our Approach

How We Do It

Step One

Identify the most attractive opportunities through facilitation and planning.

Step Two

Evaluate and sort key ideas by exploring the product ecosystem: factors that affect product success include the market, customers, and readiness to execute.

Step Three

Decide on key ideas from Step 2 and if an idea is pursued, develop a roadmap for execution.

What We Provide

End Results for Your Business


  • Clarity on business direction and key opportunities.
  • Identification of attractive innovation areas and hotspots.
  • Evaluation and decision on products to pursue (or not to pursue).
  • If an idea is pursued, construction of a roadmap for successful execution.

Invention Toolkit

Systems Modeling

A view into your company as a “system” that enable alterations to the system to produce better business outcomes.


Making stakeholders highly effective decision-makers through common language, rhythm, energy and objective.

Voice of the Market (VOM)

View of your customers and marketplace through skilled market research.

Product Marketing Strategy

Your expertly constructed playbook turns product and solution ideas into roadmaps for success including, go-to-market strategy and tactical delivery timeline.

Investment Premise

Initial value vs. investment criteria for a potential challenge or opportunity initiative.

Design Thinking

Taking an innovative and human-centered approach to the design of bold new products.


Metrics based on the desired business outcome.

Our Invention Toolkit in Action

Satisfy your brain hunger with our blog of fresh Genecian thinking on custom software product creation.

Forge new markets, find more ways to make the invisible profitable, capitalize on connectedness and uncover new growth.

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5 Reasons Innovation is Crucial to Staying Ahead of the Competition

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