Product Launch plans provide a blueprint for taking your product from built status to customers successfully.

Our Philosophy

Product Launch

Don't leave it to luck! Achieve revenue success with a strategic launch plan, which identifies how and where to reach your target audience.


“Products don’t just grow wings and fly into the hands of customers on their own; it takes strategic marketing, sales and organizational planning to convince buyers that they need what you are selling.”

- Patti Heath

Our Approach

How We Do It

Step One

Determine the best methods to reach the target audience and where to find them.

Step Two

Refine messaging about the product's features and benefits for internal rollout.

Step Three

Develop customer facing marketing communications.

Step Four

Provide training for employee’s on the products features and benefits.

Step Five

Determine the operational needs based on business and technology requirements.

Step Six

Develop quick start material to aid adoption of the product with the target audience.

Step Seven

Promote the product with content and advertising through appropriate channels

What We Provide

End Results for Your Business


  • External/Customer Roll Out Plan (Includes quick start guides).
  • Internal/Employee Roll Out Plan (Includes training).
  • Product Launched in the Market.


Product Roll Out - Employee

Operational Support: Checklist of business and technology operations that ensures your company is ready to successfully launch and support the new product.

Product Launch Training: Employee training manuals and communications to educate employees on the new products features and benefits, as well as its strategic value to the organization. This product readiness training helps all employees understand their role in the success of the new product.

Product Roll Out - Customer

Guides and videos created for product release to drive adoption by the target audience.

Our Launch Toolkit in Action

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