Giving Back
Projects with Purpose

Supporting Our Community
The Genecian Way

How often have you thought about helping those less fortunate, but you just never have the time? Between work, family, and all our other stuff, this is usually the case for most of us.

Projects With Purpose, our skills-based volunteer program, helps Genecians solve the problem by combining work and personal time. Even better, we’re giving back in our own unique way by helping nonprofits understand how technology can improve the way they serve their members.

Our work with nonprofits gets us out of the office and into the community. It stretches and tests our teams as we navigate different kinds of challenges in a new environment. In the end, we’re stronger, smarter, and proud of each other for making a difference.

Our Nonprofit Projects

Nonprofits do really important work, but they often don’t have the resources to access top professionals to solve specific problems. Through Projects With Purpose, we get a chance to use our hard-earned professional skills to recommend solutions that can solve key business problems.

In the News

Programs like Projects With Purpose are great ways to get involved in the community and inspire the workplace. The more companies doing their own skills-based volunteer programs, the better off we all are. That’s why we are eager to spread the word about our work with Chicagoland nonprofits.

Lumity: Our nonprofit connection

One of the many ways that Lumity supports the nonprofit community is by connecting them to skilled volunteers who can help support their needs. We count on Lumity to connect us to the nonprofits that can benefit most from our unique skills.

The Geneca Foundation: Beyond Projects With Purpose

Geneca has a long history of corporate giving. The Geneca Foundation was started to continue our financial support of nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of the needy in the Chicago community.

Pay It Forward

Is your organization looking for new ways to give back? We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned. Please email us at and count on geting a quick response.