Custom Software Solutions

for Insurance Services

Insurance software development is not for beginners.

By its nature, insurance is a complex product, but when presented to users, it must be easy to navigate and highly intuitive. To achieve that elegance, insurance software solutions run incredibly complex code which can only be written by a highly experienced development team.

Insurance software developers need to be well-versed in adapting code to state and federal insurance regulations and writing it with architectural vision and flexibility so it can stand up to years of changes. On top of that, an insurance software solution needs to be extremely user-friendly, fast, and online 24x7.

Geneca is no newcomer to insurance software development

In fact, we specialize in it.

Over the years we’ve developed insurance solutions such as:

  • Software for Health Care Services Corporation/Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide seniors with affordable healthcare both directly and as a companion to Medicare in 5 U.S. states: Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • A software product for HCSC/BCBS to enroll Illinois residents in the ACA insurance marketplace.
  • Helped merge Payflex with Aetna.
  • Built insurance software for AIM Specialty Health, an Anthem subsidiary, to refer patients to physicians in 14 specialties in all 50 U.S. states. This Sleep Solution software won the prestigious Wellpoint Pinnacle Award in 2013.
Geneca custom software solutions manipulate data fast and efficiently to deliver intuitive user experiences. Our expertise in ideation through development and support assures that your customers consistently receive accurate quotes and information compliant with state and federal laws.

Our software development is never offshored.

U.S. insurance companies discover very quickly (and expensively) that offshoring insurance software development is rarely successful. An offshore company can’t begin to grasp the complexities of the U.S. insurance industry and the laws that govern it, because they’ve never experienced it – insurance elsewhere is a radically different product. Offshore developers tend to write code base that quickly bloats and becomes unwieldy under the many annual updates that need to be made as regulations and rules change. This slows down enhancements and causes system bugs and crashes. And that means disgruntled customers and lost business.

Your company needs a custom, reliable, scalable insurance software solution that’s yours and yours alone – one that does all you need it to do now and for years to come. One that attracts customers not alienates them.

When you work with Geneca you’re working with a world-class software development company.

You’ll get an entire team that knows how to architect flexible software that can handle unique situations for more clients and more states.

Insurance Software Development

Agile, custom insurance software solutions, including CRM’s, mobile apps, and payment solutions.


Document management systems, regulatory and legislative documents, and financial and accounting data.

Fast Ramp-Up

Our depth of experience in developing insurance industry software means we can shave the ramp-up period from 8 weeks to 1 week.

Agile Approach

Our agile approach to insurance software development means that our milestone-driven process makes it easy to plan the work that needs to be done. It also allows for quick pivots along the way so you can start selling with the confidence that the product will deliver as promised.


We don’t build your software and then walk away as other companies do. We’re here to support you 24/7 and to help you evolve your insurance software solution.

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