Custom Software Solutions

for Management Consultants

As a management consultant, you have unique skills and knowledge.

It’s what made you successful. But in this era of shrinking margins, how do you grow your consultancy when there are only so many client meetings you can take in one day?

Digital innovation is rapidly transforming the management consulting industry and new technologies create new business structures. Your company risks being swept away if you don’t adapt and utilize the best technology has to offer. Innovation, differentiation, and leadership are the keys to survival.
As your client’s needs change, your management consultancy must adapt quickly with services and operations. The faster your firm adapts to the changes within your industry, and to the needs of your clients and staff, the more you’ll ensure your competitive edge and long-term growth.
The key is to harness your knowledge via software so it can be shared across the entire team and the managers they consult. The goal is not for the software to replace you or anyone in your organization – it’s to free up you and your top people so they can focus on high value work and more acquisitions.

The Geneca difference.

Geneca is driven by business people – we’re not strictly a development team. That makes us unique in our ability to understand and quantify your expertise and your needs and turn it into a valuable software product.
So much of your institutional knowledge is centralized. Imagine the revenue growth if you could work smarter, faster and more efficiently?  With the right, custom software product for your consultancy:


  • Imagine how many tasks your clients could do for themselves?
  • Imagine how often you wouldn’t have to jump in and save the project?
  • Imagine not having to use dozens or hundreds of spreadsheets anymore?
  • Imagine being able to accomplish more high-level work?
  • Imagine doing everything with one software product, not multiples?

Before we begin…

Geneca will help you decide if your new software product will be useful for your clients and staff, what it will do for them, how you’ll generate revenue with it, and what price point to set. If you decide to move forward, we’ll help you drive adoption, evolve it over time, and fully support it after launch.

We don’t template any of our management consulting software, because it will be customized for you and only you. Think of the services one custom software product might consolidate:


Customer Resource Management is the key to a successful consultancy. What unique information or actions would you like to track which your current PSA solution doesn’t provide?

Collaboration tools

Communication between your team members is critical. What do you need to make in-office and remote collaboration more efficient?


Data is critical for making decisions that accelerate your business. What do you need to report that your current solution doesn’t provide?


Emerging Technologies

AI, Blockchain, VR, Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrency, IoT. What’s right for you? Geneca will guide you through the matrix of current technologies and suggest those that will keep you ahead of your competitors.


Off-the-shelf Enterprise Resource Planning solutions can become a complicated mess quickly. We’ll customize your ERP with what you need and not with what you don’t.


Human Resources Management keeps the consultancy humming. Learn what your staff needs, manage training and development, streamline recruiting.

Have an idea?

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