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custom software development

Providing Transparency and Speed-to-Market for Customers of Wealth Management Client

The client: The company is a global consulting leader in wealth and health management with annual revenues exceeding 4 billion. […]

online shopping, retail ordering system

Enhancing Retail Ordering System for Online Gifting Retailer

The US gifting market is estimated at $130 billion with 50% of orders placed online. With that amount of revenue and orders, it’s essential for online gifting retailers to continuously optimize the function and efficiency of their retail ordering system.


Transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake for DNotes Cryptocurrency

Geneca completed the transition work from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake to help DNotes Global Inc. launch DNotes new version of cryptocurrency, DNotes 2.0.

Aligning Business and Technical Requirements

The client needed a new system that would be able to manage all of their item information. This included the item descriptions, images, inventory levels, and availability in their warehouses, as well as pricing. They had chosen a third-party application and were well into the project when they determined that the product they had selected would not meet their needs.

Making the Business More Accountable for Requirements

Often the single hardest part of building a software system is deciding precisely what the business needs. In the case of this client, there was a lack of understanding of common business processes across its 2,500 managed facilities. As a result, some of the business requirements for the project were ambiguous.

Consolidating Multiple Software Platforms for a PR Service

The client wanted to reduce multiple software platforms down to one software platform, believing this would help reduce support costs. The new platform would not only allow for feature parity with the legacy systems but would also provide new features, allowing them to close the gap on their competition. However, they had no idea how they were going to accomplish this goal.

Creating Alignment to Define Project Requirements Up Front

The Business Need Determine the Road to Completion The client, a U.S.-headquartered biotech company, manufactures molecular biology products used for […]

Breaking Down Internal and External Obstacles For an Insurance Company

The Client A national insurance company chartered to leverage market opportunities its health care insurance owner cannot directly exploit. The […]

Online Sales and Pricing Analysis Assistance for a Toll Road Operator

The Client A toll road operator. The Business Need The company needed to determine what to charge their customers that […]

Partnering With a Tech Company to Determine Clear Business Requirements

The Business Need: Determine requirements through stakeholder cooperation This client, a provider of technology services, was in the process of […]

Revaluation Design Paves the Way for Future Business For a Device Manufacturer

The Client A major network-connected device manufacturer The Business Need This company was looking for a technical proof on concept […]

Custom Software Development For Redbox Disc Rental Kiosks

Redbox is famously known for their red kiosks that provide millions of DVD rentals daily to consumers in locations throughout […]

Unify Disbanded Systems Into One Comprehensive Custom Software Solution

Cision Ltd. is a global leader in providing public relations services to businesses using cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) […]

Improve Productivity By Understanding Your People

The Client Global human resources and benefits consulting firm. The Business Need Client needed to explore ways of integrating and […]

Involve Users and Improve Adoption

The Client A toll road operator. The Business Need This company was looking for a way to test a new […]

Importance of Quality Assurance in Project Development

Client: Worldwide management consulting firm. Business Need: The client had issues with the quality of their biggest application being developed […]

Assessment Prepares Client for Product Launch

The Client Worldwide management consulting firm. The Business Need As a major meeting for high level product decision making approached, […]

Creating One System for Twice the Capacity

The Client A very large customized transport company. The Business Need This is a highly customized business where each shipment […]

Reliable Requirements Lead to Trusted Solutions

The Client Global management consulting firm. The Business Need The client did not have a formal software delivery process or […]