The Client

A major network-connected device manufacturer

The Business Need

This company was looking for a technical proof on concept for a mobile digital experience that would enable their partners and customers to re-order supplies, parts and accessories.

Why Did This Need Exist

The company has seen the ultimate customer’s loyalty being to the distributor instead of themselves and see this as a dangerous position for the future.

Geneca Helped its Client

Using brief and focused ideation sessions, the conversation quickly evolved to the new objective of increasing customer intimacy and generating new revenue through the monitoring, management and re-ordering of supplies, parts and accessories.

The Results

This service was so revolutionary from the way they had worked with the customers in the past that it was proposed as a completely new service offering that allowed the clients to have all their supplies provided turnkey so that they never had to manage those supplies again.

Why it’s Cool

They started with a technical idea to build a mobile application to perform a small function and it turned into a new way to generate revenue and make their customers’ lives easier.