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You want a software project that’s big, bold and beautiful, and comes nowhere near an off-the-shelf solution. From design to rollout, Geneca fills the talent gaps to help you meet your goals. Our staff is skilled in Agile software development, so we’re able to adapt quickly to a changing environment and new requirements, a critical talent for startups.

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We love businesses of every size and shape, especially small startups with big ambition in the Chicago, IL area.

For more than 20 years, Geneca has developed custom software products for businesses of all sizes, across multiple verticals. So, we have a good idea of what will be needed when the project is still in ideation.

Talent choices need to be considered at the beginning of a project, not when a problem arises. Waiting until a crisis occurs puts you at a distinct disadvantage, and may set the project back weeks or months until an acceptable solution and the right talent are found.

In many cases we’ve found that small startups, inexperienced in using a team to build software, frequently don’t know what they need until they run into a problem. Unfortunately, these kinds of problems can be project killers.

That’s why Geneca gives you the right people and skillsets, exactly when you need them. We fill the gaps in your talent pool, from technical architect to solutions engineer, and keep the project on track, helping you meet the expectations of investors and stakeholders.