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Geneca Custom Software Generating Revenue

Why Your Startup Needs a Custom Software Consulting Company

You’ve finally made it! What started out as an idea grew into something real because of all your hard work. Now you’ve got your new business up and running and are looking forward to a future of new challenges and exciting wins. Custom software and exceptional tech...

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Geneca Ranks #18 of Top 100 Places to Work in Chicago

Geneca is proud to be ranked 18th on Crain’s 2018 Top 100 Places to Work in Chicago! Each year Crain’s Chicago Business selects the companies where employees love to work the most. Geneca is thrilled to announce that we are ranked 18th on Crain’s 2018 Top 100 Places...

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Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Never underestimate the marketing power of excellent customer service. Millennials place a great deal of value on experience. Not only traveling to experience the world, or trying new exciting things but millennials pay attention to how interactions and transactions...

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Millennial’s Talk: What Are They Saying About You?

Have you ever noticed the power a “word of mouth” review can have on you? Think about it- a recent item you purchased, a hotel you are staying at, a clothing brand you are using - how did you learn about it? In today’s society, especially for millennials, we live off...

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Marketing to Millennials: Convenience vs. Concern

There are many lessons we learned throughout our childhood that were simple, basic, and meant to lay the foundation for life-long safety. Look both ways before you cross the street, wear your seatbelt, keep your fingers away from electrical outlets, and what many can...

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3 Employee Characteristics That Ensure Organizational Success

I recently read a social media post where a woman raved about the cool job interview she’d just been on. She loved everyone’s hospitality, the tattooed interviewer, and the overall casual vibe. It put her at ease and allowed her to feel like they respected her as an...

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