Custom Software Solutions

for Funded Startups

Finding the right software development partner for your startup is critical to your growth.

Geneca is that partner.

Whether you’re starting from a nascent idea or need to scale an already robust application, Geneca’s software developers and designers help turn your vision into a thriving business.

Geneca was a startup once, too, so we understand your unique needs and challenges.

We use agile methodologies in your software development process – you and your team are involved in short development cycles from the outset and the nimble agile method allows us to pivot when necessary to adjust to actual market conditions and project requirements.

Pioneer Startups

It’s critical that your vision is fulfilled in the software product. But your new idea needs to get off the ground quickly and cost-effectively so you can show it to potential investors. We’ll help you get your idea launched, including software design, marketing, business setup and product release at a reasonable cost.

Established Startups

Your initial software is succumbing to the weight of your customer base. It’s essential that your interface and architecture are improved to accommodate your growing volume of users and data. We’ll advance your product and build an architecture that will help you scale for many years.


We start with a blank canvas, then add your ideas and team members, then our development team, tools, and technology. We’ll add the team members you’re missing – full-stack software engineers, project managers, quality assurance testers, and UI/UX designers.


We’re fanatical about clean code. We’ll write your software to grow with your business, so you can add new features, new platforms, and make updates as you grow.


We’re platform agnostic, which allows us to find the right software technology solutions that will scale with your business. Our only criteria is using what you need to accomplish the project successfully.


Our team of software engineers and designers have a unique capacity for developing innovative, cutting-edge software products designed exclusively for your startup business.


We aren’t a once and done company. Geneca supports your startup all the way from your first contact with us through maintenance and support after launch.

Get in touch with Geneca today and learn why custom software development for startups is at the heart of our mission.