Since 1998

Geneca has helped Fortune 500 companies scale and develop their custom software solutions.

The goals of a successful, enterprise-level custom software solution

are to move your company past competitors, enhance or deliver new revenue, and advance market position. All the while staying on budget, on schedule and meeting the requirements of every stakeholder – a tall order indeed.

Geneca’s custom enterprise software solutions are used in a wide array of verticals including banking, financial, telecommunications, entertainment, media, healthcare, retail, industrial, manufacturing, logistics and more.

We have the experienced developers to create custom, full-spectrum enterprise software applications from the ground up and integrate them with the enterprise. We collaborate, plan, strategize, architect, code, test and implement according to your guidelines.

With ever-evolving new technologies a reality in the enterprise space, Geneca is your trusted partner to help you embrace and integrate solutions which help you achieve the ideal custom software solution for your goals.

Because of our deep knowledge and prowess in enterprise software development, Geneca regularly solves the most complex technology challenges. From architecture design to implementation, we offer a far better custom solution than any off-the-shelf software product.

Geneca uses agile methodologies to develop custom software solutions, collaborating with you during every iteration and phase of the project. We deliver the perfect scalable solution, in association with your in-house development team or independently.