The Client

A very large customized transport company

The Business Need

This is a highly customized business where each shipment has different needs. This company needs to be able to design, sell, execute and bill on a highly dynamic set of conditions.

Why Did This Need Exist

The company was using a number of different systems to track the information. The screens, fields and reports of the various systems were poorly adjusted to hold the relevant information. This made it next to impossible for anyone that didn’t store the information to be able to do any work on the job.

Geneca Helped its Client

By creating a system that allowed for highly-specialized/variable input, each job could be created differently and only store exactly the information that job needed. All plans, diagrams, history, etc. were stored in together one place allowing all departments to find the needed information and to perform their function for the end client.

The Results

This service was so revolutionary that the company was able to perform twice the number of custom jobs in the same period with no increase to staff while increasing on-time, on-budget performance.

Why it’s Cool

There was wide variety in the different projects that they did for their clients. Being able to handle anything that was thrown at them without having to rely on people’s memory or hunting and piecing together information made a world of difference.