The Client

Worldwide management consulting firm

The Business Need

As a major meeting for high level product decision making approached, Geneca was contacted by the product manager at the firm. She wanted an independent assessment of an upcoming release of a new version of a company tool. Specifically, the product manager wanted to see about its Product Readiness for launch to their clients. There was anxiety around this being the first product pushed into wide use by their clients since they are not a product based company.

Geneca Helped its Client

We worked with the product owner to build a rubric for evaluation of the tool in the major areas where feedback was desired. We executed the evaluation in the allotted time period, rating the various areas of the product and giving an overall recommendation for next steps.

The Results

Delivery on the assessment allowed the client to plan out next steps for the product features and budget.

High level estimation and roadmaps afforded the client the opportunity to improve their investment committee process and to create larger projects and budget asks for future product improvements.

Why it’s Cool

The process set the standard for future assessments provided to the client for other products in their portfolio, helping them make informed adjustments to those projects in flight. This gives their team confidence that their products are on track for success in production and will not reflect poorly on their projects or brand.