The Client

Global human resources and benefits consulting firm

The Business Need

Client needed to explore ways of integrating and updating two of its benchmarking and brokering software tools to streamline operations and enhance client value.

Why Did This Need Exist?

Each tool was associated with a series of challenges and the lack of a single interface between the tools presented operations inefficiencies. Refreshing and combining both tools presented an opportunity to alleviate pain points while providing a seamless experience for employees and clients.

Geneca Helped its Client

Geneca launched a study to help the client to assess user needs. Taking a hands-on approach, Geneca consultants conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders around the globe to explore innovation hot spots and develop product strategies aligned with real-life experiences. The process served as a valuable discovery experience for the client and allowed them to make decisions by stepping into the shoes of employees and end users.

The Results

The project provided insights into stakeholder needs that could be prioritized to maximize product innovation and rollout efforts. The work led to a follow-up engagement exploring workflow challenges and areas where software can improve consulting and brokering operations.

Why it’s Cool

Many organizations lack a detailed window into the everyday stories of their users. Geneca helped  the client take the proactive step of stepping into the shoes of key stakeholders by directly interacting with them. The project served as an opportunity to relate to day-to-day stakeholder challenges and translate these insights into tangible product enhancements.