The Client

A toll road operator

The Business Need

This company was looking for a way to test a new application to determine if it was acceptable. They also needed to familiarize their staff with the application and confirm that all the features needed by the users were present.

Why Did This Need Exist?

When a new software product is being created, it’s not uncommon for leadership to have the majority of the voice in defining requirements, while those who actually do the work can be overlooked. As the project approached completion, the client needed a way to let their staff engage with the application while confirming that the app would meet the user’s needs.

Geneca Helped its Client

Geneca provided training on the application along with a primer on software testing fundamentals. Users were encouraged to master common transactions while looking for ways to “break the system” by manipulating the transaction details.

The Results

Participating in testing helped the users get familiar with the application while confirming they had the right tools to do the job!

Why it’s Cool

User Acceptance Testing is best when it involves the USERS! For this client, user participation in testing helped socialize the users to how the requirements were implemented. Their work led to a handful of suggestions that would make the application even better.