The Client

A toll road operator

The Business Need

The company needed to determine what to charge their customers that was aligned with their usage of the toll road.

Why Did This Need Exist?

Owners of a toll road transponder are automatically charged each month in advance of occurring toll charges. In many cases, a low replenishment amount is adequate for less frequent users, but the same amount charged to more frequent users could result in many small charges over a short period of time. The client wanted the ability to better align the replenishment amount with more frequent use of the toll road, while preferably replenishing client accounts no more frequently than once per month.

Geneca Helped its Client

Geneca facilitated an exploration of different usage patterns to determine an effective way to calculate a replenishment amount. The persona of a small business with multiple vehicle accumulating tolls on the same account helped illustrate the need for larger replenishment amounts.

The Results

The client decided that using a 3-month rolling average of toll charges was an effective indicator of usage and therefore worked as a replenishment amount.

Why it’s Cool

Using personas to demonstrate common behavior of individuals can help shape the right business rules!