The Geneca Experience

We measure our success by yours.

Who is Geneca?

Geneca is a custom software development company which empowers their clients to succeed by creating revolutionary software using advanced strategies. Our two decades of experience developing custom software products help clients uncover and create business growth.

We create flagship products that deliver double-digit growth and carefully select a highly skilled technical team perfectly matched to achieve your unique goals.

Geneca is fluent in both technology and business logic, which means we’re experts in assessing your needs and matching them to the perfect software solution. We never stretch our resources too thin and we only develop 10-12 products a year.

Why Geneca stands out

Our culture of courage and commitment, coupled with the use of Agile methodology, ensures that your software project gets done on time and on budget.

We’ve developed extraordinary in-house talent and tools to provide visibility and clarity into your project at every turn. Geneca’s Virtual Wall Gantt ™, Joornal ™, and Experience Inventory ensure that we catch potential issues early, before they affect the trajectory of your software project.

Not only will we bring your ideas to life, we will exceed your expectations at every turn.

What Geneca offers

We view our relationships with clients as a partnership and we align with your team’s goals and ideas. This enables us to develop an exciting project that every stakeholder, employee, and/or customer will love.

Whatever your project, we offer an upfront consultation at no cost. As the project develops, we’ll assemble your custom Experience Inventory, a unique document that outlines the initial cost and time estimates for your project. This allows you complete control and transparency throughout the software development cycle and allows us to accurately capture the essence of your project and bring it to life.

Introductory Inventory – project features and frameworks

During the pre-consulting process, Geneca crafts an inventory of your project’s features and framework, including cost and time estimates.

Your first call will be with a senior leader, not a sales person. We’ll learn about your vision, your challenges, your timeline, your objectives. And you know what? Sometimes we’ll suggest that you don’t need a custom software solution to fulfill your vision and point you towards other options. That’s how strongly we believe in partnerships.

Stakeholder Definition – business and technical needs

We facilitate Definition sessions with your stakeholders to refine and clarify your business and technical needs. In these upfront sessions, we foster shared language and vision, establish scope, and generate requirements.

We are an agile company committed to building your software product with you. Throughout the project, we keep every piece of information in sync to allow you the best possible visibility and control of your project.

Experience Inventory – control and confidence

Your Experience inventory clearly articulates each item needed for your build with complexity and timing. This allows you the control and confidence to easily see how any change you make will affect your project.

As we begin to understand your vison for your project, we build your introductory Experience Inventory. This is the backbone of every project and it’s why we have a 97% success rate where others fail.

Clarity & Traceability – clear communication

We develop your software project using an agile methodology with short sprints and clear communication. You will always know your project’s status at the level of detail you prefer and it will be clear, consistent, and aligned to your needs.

You are always in the loop to adjust and approve all aspects of the product with regularly scheduled showcases and participate in user acceptance testing. The release plan shows when everything will happen at a level that other parts of the business can plan (sales, marketing, customer service, training, etc.)