About Geneca

Why We're Here...

18 years ago, Geneca was born as a technology consulting firm, fueled by the conviction that technology investments are judged by the business benefit it delivers.

That means that even if we did exactly what we were asked to do, we failed if our work did not meet our client’s ROI expectations.

If it saved our client some money, that was good. However, if it made them money, well that was both valuable AND rewarding!

About Geneca

It takes a lot more than tech chops to make money with software.

That’s why our focus and capabilities have expanded over the years, to deliver our unique approach to software product creation.

Our work captures and expresses the unique value of our client’s goals through custom software products that provide competitive value and new revenue.

Delivering our clients successful products is the best kind of business benefit. It’s how we judge ourselves. It’s how we measure our efforts and how we want to be judged by you.

That’s why we’re here.


Our Mission

To help our clients stay ahead of their competition by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with advanced strategy and cutting-edge technology.

Our Vision

Use software to create something extraordinary from something ordinary. To do that, we have to be MORE than a technology company. We have to be THE place to go to turn a big idea into big business impact.

What Makes Us Genecians

Set The Course

Take personal ownership in all that we do, always look for a path forward while consciously seek ways to empower others.


Be Courageous

Confident in the face of any challenge and unafraid of ambiguity or uncharted territory. Continually driving toward the right solution with internal compasses that points toward the right solution.


Build Tomorrow

Inspiration is nothing without the drive to innovate, create and deliver new technologies. Genecians know how to use software to bring an idea to life.Not just dreaming it, building it.

Celebrate The Spark

Genecians prize the innate creativity and inspiration in each other. Inventive people who love to dream with our clients and champion new ideas..


Be Unstoppable

A culture of doers. Resilient and resourceful we create an atmosphere where great things can happen. If something gets in the way, Genecians figure out how to get rid of or around it in a hurry.

What it’s like to work with Geneca

We’re naturally curious.

At Geneca, we get to know your problem and your needs so we can deliver the right outcome. We learn all we can about your situation so we can recognize opportunities and create growth.

We’re big picture thinkers.

A great piece of software isn’t necessarily a great business solution. We know how to tell the two apart, and more importantly, how to make them work together.

We’re not an answer in search of a problem.

Genecians are technology agnostic. We’re interested in solving your problem, not the problem we solved for someone else the day before.

We’re committed to delivering value.

Flagship products that we create deliver double digit growth. Simply put, we make a big impact on your business.