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Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Never underestimate the marketing power of excellent customer service. From a friendly smile to going above and beyond, a customer or client wants their purchasing experience to be easy, efficient, and personalized. Most of all they want to be made to feel like they’re important to you and not an inconvenience.

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Three Rules to Manage Product Strategy with Remote Teams

In the product strategy phase, objectives of participants in the conference room and at a remote location may be the same, but the experience is different. Effectively managing product strategy facilitation means adapting your strategy for a remote audience.

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Defining the Blurry Lines of UX and UI

The terms User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are commonly used in not only dialogue surrounding technology, but business in general. We’ve found that while UX and UI are familiar terms to the business community at large, a fair amount of confusion about them still exists.

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When Fuzzy Language Can Hurt Your Development Process

Last week, we explored how “fuzzy words” can either help or hurt the path to inventing, building and launching a product. The first post of the two-part series argues that fuzzy words - or ambiguous terms - helps the development process, particularly during the...

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