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Millennials are overstimulated. It’s just part of the territory when growing up in the age of technology. And we’ve all heard about the negative consequences associated with a 24/7 connection, though we understand and respect the advantages, too. Constant connection to information and other people not only changes how we work, but also how we play.

Millennials have already changed the face of entertainment and will continue to do so in a slew of different ways. We have options available to us that even our parents couldn’t have imagined. Seen an event streamed lived on Facebook recently? Odds are it was from a millennial! Know anyone who’s traded cable for Netflix? Same thing. Often, I will even turn off my own television to watch YouTube videos. So much content, so little time!

Not only are millennials watching more things, but they’re doing more things, too. Millennials tend to value experiences over material goods and spend their money accordingly. I find this to be true on even the small stuff. For instance, I know that the money I spend on fancy coffee could result in desirable things if I saved it instead – it’s the experience that counts. It’s amazing what a soy latte can do to ease the pain of a person stuck in rush hour traffic!

Millennials see attending live events as a form of expression that makes them feel more connected to others. And technology makes attendance easy – from buying a ticket in no time online to getting notifications of Facebook friends going to events in your area. So easy, in fact, you could probably even get a group together to try something as crazy as fidget spinning a hurricane away. Oh boy.

Of course, no event is complete unless you share it. Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? And millennials, especially, love to share their experiences on social media. In fact, even 61% of busy millennial parents attend events just so they have things to share!

Whether or not you are in the entertainment industry, it’s important to be aware that experiences are really what millennials crave. So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? Here are the main things to know:

1. Millennials want to connect.

We don’t just want to see what you have to offer – we want to be a part of it. We seek opportunities to interact with content. We want to be a participant, and, preferably, not the only one. We love to feel connected with others and like we’re a part of something bigger.

2. Millennials want to learn.

We have the answer to any question at our fingertips – and we love it! We want to learn new things, develop new skills, and explore different topics. We’re used to quantity over quality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what stands out. And that’s the stuff we share right away with our friends!

3. Millennials want to have it now.

Instant gratification is no surprise when it comes to a discussion of millennials. However, technology has made the same true for other groups of people as well. No matter what you have, it’s not as valuable if I can’t have it right away. I have access to so many other similar options, so yours had better be fast and easy to get. Anything fast, easy, and online entices so many millennials because, hey, we’re there anyway.

4. Millennials want to feel special.

No, I don’t mean that we require a gold star for showing up to work. I mean that we love experiences because they create a stronger, longer feeling of satisfaction and we want to document and share them in order to prolong it. My favorite quote is one from Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.  I think this is especially true of millennial employees and consumers. Give us a product, mission, or place we can feel good about, and we’re all in.

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