For average consumers, most financial service companies appear to be the same. Whether it’s insurance, banks, or financial advisors, in the consumer’s eyes their differences are negligible. As a financial service company, the problem isn’t understanding your customer’s wants and needs, it’s delivering them in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.

You know your customers want access to their account data in the most intuitive ways possible. They want to quickly make account payments, execute trades, send money, see account balances, debits and credits, generate financial statements, calculate mortgage payments, see accounts receivable and assets and liabilities, change asset allocation, compare insurance plans, create investment scenarios, open or close accounts, and many other tasks. Custom software development for financial services can perform all of these tasks for your customers in new and innovative ways that set you apart from your competition and allow your financial service company to scale. Off-the-shelf solutions won’t do the job. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from all other financial services companies, hiring a custom software development company like Geneca is your best solution.

Cutting-edge technology designed exclusively for you

Geneca is platform agnostic. We translate your ideas into working products by utilizing only the best and most current technology to satisfy your financial service company’s unique needs. We have experienced developers who create custom software solutions in almost every application. We don’t just create solutions using the best technology, we optimize them. Whether you need your financial services software to deliver on desktop, mobile, or tablet, our solutions perform on the devices you need them to. Your imagination is the only limit. An off-the-shelf solution simply will not do. Our custom software provides innovative solutions for financial services that differentiate you from your competitors. If you think it, Geneca can build it.

Geneca develops financial services software with an agile approach for optimal flexibility

We take an agile approach to building your financial services software so that you can plan your work accordingly. A problem-solving combination of convenience and efficiency, our process allows your financial services company full flexibility for quick and necessary changes along the way. Geneca helps your team complete projects on-time and on-budget regardless of the forks in the road you experience along the way.

Geneca supports financial services companies from software ideation to adoption and beyond

Your average custom software development company builds your software and considers the project complete. We don’t build your software and walk away. Geneca provides 24/7 support to help you evolve your solution and drive adoption. We’re invested in your success.

Geneca has experience in developing financial services software that drives success

Geneca understands the intricacies of financial services software. We’ve developed innovative, robust custom software solutions for enterprise-level companies that satisfy millions of their customers. Whether it’s executing trades, changing asset allocation, or analyzing different investment scenarios, we create solutions to satisfy the needs of your customers and help you stand out from your competitors. We’re not new to financial services software, and we’re confident we can create the solution you and your customers need.

Geneca will work with your financial service company to build a custom software product that’s highly secure and compliant, organizes and processes data quickly, is easy to use, and stays up 24/7.




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