Geneca is thrilled to be named one of Fortune’s top 50 best small workplaces.

Fortune partnered with global people analytics firm, Great Place to Work, to collect and analyze feedback from surveys given to over 158,000 US employees from small and medium companies throughout the country.

Geneca employees experience trust and are able to reach their full potential

Employees answered 60 survey questions about how their organization creates a great place to work for all based on criteria centered around experiences of trust, and reaching their full potential. Employee responses were analyzed in relation to each company’s size, workforce make up, industry, and region.

Geneca is proud to be ranked 48 on Fortune’s list. Geneca empowers employees to reach their full potential while fostering experiences of trust and collaborative communication. We dedicate ourselves to driving innovation with confidence and creativity amidst all challenges. We look for a path forward while consciously seeking ways to empower others.

Geneca employees receive generous benefits

All Geneca employees receive a wide array of benefits which include 401k, tuition reimbursement, telecommuting options, an on-site fitness facility, and our involved career development program. We offer our employees this long list of benefits because we want to recognize our employees’ hard work and appreciate their dedication. At Geneca we consider your retirement, your health, furthering your education, and providing you a healthy work-life balance.

The Geneca Culture

Careers at Geneca allow talented people the freedom to grow in an engaging culture with enormous benefits. Genecians face challenges fearlessly. When uncertainty strikes instead of fear, we foster motivation. We know that uncertainty is where innovation sparks, and we believe that perseverance, initiative, and imagination lead to success.

We’re good at uncovering the best solution for a problem. But more importantly, we’re good at understanding why that problem is occurring and why that particular solution is essential. You dream it. We build it.


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