Management consultants have a unique set of skills most professionals envy. Often working closely with C-Suite level executives, consulting firms carry the heavy responsibility of helping entire corporations improve their overall performance across a variety of industries. With so many clients to manage, it becomes increasingly difficult for firms to grow as they can only schedule so many client meetings into one day. Plus, so much of a consulting firm’s knowledge is centralized. Between time management and organization, custom software development for consulting firms continues to be the best solution for improved efficiency and increased revenue.

Custom software development saves consulting firms from falling behind

Digital innovation continues to rapidly transform the management consulting industry and when firms don’t keep up with the latest tech trends, they risk becoming irrelevant in comparison to their competitors. It’s no mystery that the needs of clients change swiftly, but if consultants fail to meet demands, they not only fall behind in execution for their customers, they fall behind the competition. Geneca provides custom software development for consulting firms that sharpens their competitive edge and ensures long-term growth.

It’s called custom software for a reason. Customized to your consultancy’s unique needs.

Geneca doesn’t template any of our management consulting software. We customize the software we develop to cater to every firm’s unique needs. Whether they need to keep up with tasks for clients or optimize internal communication, Geneca supports your firm’s custom software development from start to finish including adoption, evolution over time, and full assistance after launch. We help consulting firms decide if the new software product will be useful for clients and staff, what it will do for them, and how it will generate revenue.

Imagine the consolidation of services Geneca’s custom software can accomplish for your management consulting firm

CRM software that solves problems your current PSA doesn’t

Customer Resource Management is essential to every firm’s success. Geneca develops custom software for consulting firms that can track unique information and actions that your current PSA solution doesn’t provide. Whether your firm needs software to record and organize client leads or segment their target audience, Geneca will work with you to develop and support the right CRM solution for your firm.

Collaboration tools to eliminate miscommunication

There’s nothing worse than stunting your firm’s growth due to miscommunication. Geneca develops custom software for consulting firms to optimize efficiency for in-office and remote collaboration. Whether it’s email platforms or messaging systems, Geneca develops and supports the right custom software solution for your firm’s optimized communication.

Analytics that help your consulting firm make difficult decisions

Geneca understands that as a management consultancy firm, you carry the heavy responsibility of making critical decisions for many of your clients. For every critical decision, there’s data required to back it up. If your consulting firm doesn’t have sufficient analytics software in place to interpret this data, you’re setting yourself and your clients up for failure. Geneca develops custom software for consulting firms that analyzes and interprets the data you need to make decisions that accelerate your business.

ERP for ultimate organization

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions organize a company’s most important matters including financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities. With so many different components to manage, off-the-shelf solutions for consulting firms can quickly create a complicated mess. Geneca customizes your ERP with what you need and not  what you don’t so it can improve your firm’s efficiency and, as a result,  grow revenue.

HRM that keeps employees happy and business booming

Your staff is essential to your firm’s success. Geneca provides custom software development for consulting firms that can learn what your staff needs, manage training and development, and streamline recruiting. Keep your consultancy humming with customized HRM solutions.

Management consulting firms have a lot of information to keep track of between internal communication and analytical data that informs key decisions for a long list of clients. Geneca has continued to serve consulting firms in both Chicago and throughout the US, providing custom software solutions that improve efficiency and grow revenue. When it comes to your consulting firm, don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions that likely won’t fit your firm’s needs when custom software development is ultimately the best option.

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