Joel Basgall, CEO and CoFounder of Geneca, recently posted this article to the Entrepreneur website.

Do you see software as an essential way to provide more value with your products and services to keep your customers happy and loyal? You probably don’t. And that’s a huge problem because your competition does.

Soon every company will service their customers using software … or their customers will leave.

The role of software, in businesses of every size, has changed forever — and will continue to change at an even faster pace. This movement is fueled by your customers, and how they get services. At first the only companies that used software products were software product companies.

Then software crept into enterprises — often grudgingly — that sought to make internal improvements that made their business more efficient. Those companies were looking inward, not outward; they used software to help run the business.

Read the full article at Entrepreneur: You Need to Become a Software Company… or Die

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