We know how important it is to start a custom software project with confidence, so we offer upfront consulting at no cost to you.

Whether you have an idea for a new product, need to update outdated software, or just require help to push your internal team over a barrier, Geneca is here to help.  We have decades of experience designing and delivering custom software products across a wide variety of industries.  We are not a solution looking for a customer, but a team ready to build what you need.  We offer upfront consulting in three easy steps:

We start with a conversation.

Your first call will be with a senior leader, not a salesperson.  The goal of the call is a simple one—to learn about your needs.  We ask questions about your vision, your challenges, your timeline, your objectives.  If you have documents, we review them and refine our questions.  We also answer any questions you might have.  Sometimes during the conversation, we suggest that a custom software solution might not be what you need and we can point you toward other options.  It might sound unusual, but we believe strongly in partnership.  We measure our success by the achievements of our partners.

We create your Experience Inventory.

As we begin to understand your vision, we build your introductory Experience Inventory including your initial cost and time estimates.  The Experience Inventory is the backbone of every project we undertake and why we have a 97% success rate in an industry where failure is the norm.  It provides a list of features and frameworks we estimate you will need for your product.  It includes how complex each item is and how long it will take to build.  It will evolve based on decisions by you and your team, but you control the Experience Inventory during the entire lifecycle of your product—when you want to make a change, you can see what it would do to scope, budget, and timeline.  You will always have complete transparency into your project.

We help you with decisions.

Using your introductory Experience Inventory, we take a deeper dive into your project with you answering questions and making adjustments as we continue to learn about your needs.  Is this software build the right choice for your company?  Do you need to build it in iterations across a longer timeframe to take smaller bites of the elephant?  When you are ready to start your project, we will put together the right team to meet your needs.  We help you Invent, Build, Launch, and Evolve your application keeping you on your timeframe and within your budget.

Developing software is not easy, but we are here to help.  Reach out for your no-cost consultation today!

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